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Who I am and Why You (Should) Care

Michael Furr Comedian, gay dude, basic bitch.


"I'm like Tinkerbell, if people don't clap for me...I'll die."

-Michael Furr 


Michael Furr, the self-proclaimed "sweetheart of Baltimore comedy" is the premiere LGBT comedian on the scene today. An "off-the-cuff" comic with a quick wit and a penchant for dropping nuggets of truth all over the stage, he has wormed his way into the hearts of fellow comics and lovers of the medium with his joke writing, improvistaional stylings, and stage presence. I keep saying "he" like I'm not the one writing this, but I am. You're not even reading this, are you? Maybe my mom will read this and even then, only maybe. How about this? If you read this, contact me and I'll send you a dollar. I bet I'll never have to send even one dollar. That's how confident I am that no one will read this. Regardless, book me and I'll make you laugh a lot. Thank you.  


             the Lou Room


Michael Is Booking Manager and Head Producer of The Lou Room, Legendary Baltimore home to comedy icon Lou Costello. 

THe Lou Room is home to stand-up comedy, improv, sketch, musical comedy and more 4 nights a week, Thursday through Sunday like Our Friday NIght Stand Up shows, Lip Service by the Clitorati and, Chocolate Thursday by Broken Diamond 

Check out our Facebook page to stay up to date on our schedule of events every week!

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Chit Chat is a Monthly show about morning talk show hosts and very minor celebrities in their own right, CHippy Cohen and Chester St. Christopher. they interview guests, read viewer mail, argue with their disillusioned producer Tommy all while chitting and chatting about the news of the day as only they can. The #1 in Tonga, the Galapagos Islands and Mt. Kilimanjaro (but only the base).   

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         Banana Phone

Michael is the coach of Banana Phone,  one of The Lou Costello ROom's In house long-form improv troupes, performing multiple shows a month. Check us out on social media for show times and locations. 

Bear Trap

Michael is coach of Bear Trap, the Lou Costello Room's house Short-Form improv troupe. Formed In Fall of 2015, we put on 2 shows a month, focusing on classic improv games, tons of audience participation, and live improv musical performances. Check out our social media for show times and locations. 



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